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Face Lift

Applied to red clay, Fast-Dry and Har-Tru courts, "FACE LIFTING" is one of our top selling products.                                                                                                                                                     After playing, rolling, sweeping, raining, irrigating, etc, the tendency of the surfacing material is to settle itself in the lower end taking away partially or all from the opposite side, requesting relocation and refilling to its original installation.
We denominated it as “FACE LIFTING”
Usually tennis courts should be evaluated  every 4 years  and this procedure should be applied accordingly with frequency of using the courts.
Consists in measuring the actual court’s slope, thickness of surfacing material remaining and adding the necessary to a minimum of 1” thick over the entire base.
The “FACE LIFTING” procedure is commonly to be done in the fall, after season, but can be done at any time desired, with dry conditions and weather permitting.
For further information, we would be more than happy to come and explain some more details.
We reform tennis courts surface to the original way they were built.                                            Thanks to our hi-tech laser equipment we can achieve the perfect flatness necessary to a hi-class tennis court.

After a period of time, soft surfaces tend to settle differently due to weather variation, playing and maintenance. 

Layers of super compacted surfaces will develop and water penetration will be compromised.

Resetting courts surfacing materials  will improve the tennis courts maintenance and playability.