Welcome to Reis Tennis Services

A little about our founder

Our founder, Jorge Reis, was born in Brazil, in 1959.
He has BA degree in Physical Education from UFPR(Brazil) and has been involved in sports throughout his life.
Everything began in 1990 when modestly our founder started as a helper in a tennis courts club maintenance.
At that time, his only experience was that he had worked for a brief period of time on clay courts in his native country.
Due to his care and dedication on the courts, players at that club noticed the difference; they invited him to come to their own home courts for maintenance purpose.
That was the beginning of our business.
The success was established and pretty soon other invitations came.
Tennis pros, from other local clubs started calling. Many calls were from distance…
We overcame new situations and step by step we developed our own way to solve drainage problems, irregular slope, water penetration, cracking courts, and more…
We developed our own technique to bring technology and machinery to tennis courts construction and maintenance rather then just doing everything by hands; in the process we worked faster and reduced high costs.
Years have past now, the same modesty, innovation and simplicity are still in us.
Our top of the line technology is bringing tennis courts to state of the art, our crew is bringing excellence in care, and those specific tennis courts problems are being solved, one by one, with our enthusiasm and the desire to keep our good reputation.
We strive to provide the customers the best service possible. That is our goal!